Do The Work

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There are zero shortcuts to success, fulfillment and joy.

We have to do the work.

Yes, the hard, grinding, hustling and even repetitive monotonous work at times.

Yes sometimes it’s boring.

Yes, there can be some optimized and optimization “hacks” but we need to do the work consistently, refining with feedback and growing and finetuning along the way.

Yes, we have to do the work.

Even then, we “never arrive” – growth is a constant thing.

But we have to do the work to actualize and achieve whatever we dream or visualize. No amount of visualization, affirmation and thinking can materialize the end result in our lap (that’d be great if that can happen lol) – hence the importance of

  • knowing / choosing what are the key few items that truly are important and moves the needle and
  • doing them regularly

Know it isn’t enough.

And neither is doing it once.

We’ve got to do the work, again and again and again.

Get better at it, and do more.

And then keep at it.

Example #1 in love: say we know what makes our loved ones tick. Say it’s a particular activity they enjoy – doing it once with/for them is awesome, and yes novelty is nice, but it’s doing it consistently that makes it wonderful. Apply this to things like kissing, touching, making them feel loved. Once isn’t enough right?

Example #2 in business: say we know what makes our clients tick. Do we do it once and send them away? In some cases, yes, but in most cases, no – we allow and invite them to come back again and again. You can see this across different sectors and industries be it F&B, consulting, dating, affiliate marketing – everything.


Example #3 in investing: if we have been getting good result in investing in a particular project, we will then invest more in the same projects, or invest in similar projects, or invest in similar philosophy and fashion consistently right?



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