Do The Right Thing Even When It’s Hard, Unpopular, Inconvenient Or Painful

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I was kinda happy yesterday, and the 6 months – there has been more and more gentle validations and support that my move out of my previous business (that was acquired by a larger health company), that we need to do the right thing(s) anyway, even if it’s

  • hard
  • unpopular
  • inconvenient
  • painful

It may not be popular with the “so called in-crowd, or people with money, power or influence” but frankly, they’re not important to me.

I’m not here to please people who wants me to sing, dance, say and do what they want me to do. Which is what I’ve often felt where people want to “own” me and think they can get me to do whatever they want, at their convenience.

But, hey no thank you – you can go find other people who’d dance and sing for you, but certainly not me.

To me, God is more important, and following His teachings and precepts and His plans for me is more important than anything.

Even when I was offered a lot more money and more convenience –

  1. God is more important
  2. Doing the right thing is more important
  3. Not being with the people that’s not important for my future is more important

And…it’s so nice to hear that there are people like me out there, especially when he also told me that he had walked away from money, convenience and more, because in the end…

We just have to do the right thing.

And I’ll just keep doing the right things, and I am certain that God has so much more in store for me for the future.

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