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So in an earlier article, I wrote that I am lifting off my previous focus that is pure on Passive Income Living. It is still a good goal and pursuit, but I feel, think and believe that it’s just one small sliver of life.

Yes, it’s a very important one nonetheless, and from my observations of life, struggles and growth, I feel that not everyone will achieve it (success and growth can be sidelined or difficult to achieve or sustain), but I am increasingly realizing that I view, think and see things from a very broad perspective.

Hence focusing “only” on passive income was stifling me.

Maybe I didn’t think about passive income broadly enough, or I didn’t pay enough attention to it or map out enough the entire topic…but right now, today on 22nd June 2019, I am comfortable in saying that I want to go much more broad in terms of topic.

I will retain a portion dedicated to passive income of course, but there is much other things to look at and consider too.


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If you see my header, you’d tell that I’ve a sort of tagline that indicates “Do Good. Do Better Things. Do Things Better”, and I’m comfortable saying that that’s my consolidated life, growth and success broad approach.

The name isn’t selected without reason though.

“Do Good”

Doing good covers the pursuit, application and fine tuning of both practicing positive characteristics, decisions, and actions such as loving, forgiving, encouraging; as well as the shunning/turning away from negatives such as

  • do not lie
  • do not kill
  • do not steal/cheat
  • etc

“Do Better Things”

Do better things talks about choosing what’s good and important in our lives, factoring in our finite resources such as finite time, energy, health, money, etc.

It’s like we have 100 things to do today, but if we have to choose the top 5-10, which would we focus on?

It’s related somewhat to “do things better” in the sense of optimizing our time, energy etc, but it’s cause enough to have its own focus. Doing better things focuses a lot about knowing yourself and what is important to you (and me), and focuses on topics/interests such as

  • family
  • health
  • parenting
  • relationships
  • friendships
  • skills

“Do Things Better”

Do things better specificly focuses on the how, the approach, the strategy and tactics on maximizing the tasks and stuff we do on the things and relationships that we have decided are the important things to us.

This includes approaches such as:

  • Pareto’s Law: 80/20 Rule
  • MED: Minimum Effective Dose
  • etc

Example #1 is, say, health. Health itself is a broad topic, so let’s zoom to a sub topic of health, say weight loss (if we want to be ultra focused, we can use me as an example: “weight loss healthily for a father of 2 who is over 35 years old”, and then the next questions would be:

  • What’s my best 80/20 rule to lose weight sustainably and healthily?
  • What’s the minimum effective dose that’s required to trigger the best results?
  • etc


Yes, there’s a reason why they’re listed as:

  1. Do Good (The Virtues)
  2. Do Better Things (The Important Stuff)
  3. Do Things Better (The Best Way)

#1 Do Good aka The Virtues stands at the very top, and this tends to be the main factors that drives us forward and likely be the key of why we do what we do and how we do things.

It reminds me of how to keep doing good and lovingly in business and all aspects of life.

It’s also one of the guide points for me that helps me value and select who I want to work with.

For example, since I lean towards faith, truth, love, then it’s only natural why I don’t like working with outwardly white-washed leaders or people who lie, cheat, coerce, and twist the truth with their own facts.

#2 Do Better Things aka The Important Stuff helps me focus on what and who is important to me.

It’s a little intertwined with #1 of The Virtues (Do Good) but expands a little more to Things, Projects and People whose values and virtues are similar to mine.

We’ve got better things to do and focus on – don’t waste your time on people or projects whose values or virtues do not align with yours. And especially run from leaders and people who lie, cheat, defraud, coerce, scam you and people around you.

I will pursue and spend time doing and improving and being with:

  • important life projects
  • important people whom I love and who share the same virtues I have

#3 Do Things Better aka The Best Way (Effectiveness x Efficiency) focuses on best practices, best methods, best tactics and strategies to

“get things done in the most economical, sustainable and scalable manners”

Some of the approaches include:

  • Pareto’s Principle: 80/20 Rule
  • MED: Minimum Effective Dose
  • etc

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

This is a very broad statement, but when you take it and zoom/apply it topically, say using the same example of earlier weight loss example:

“weight loss healthily for a father of 2 who is over 35 years old”

Apply Pareto Principle and then we can ask: What can I do with 20% effort that will give me 80% weight loss?

  • Is it running X amount of time with Y intensity and Z frequency?
  • Is it taking a particular supplement?
  • Is it eating a meal or meals at a certain time?
  • Is it being exposed to certain weather/temperature?
  • etc etc

The main question is, what is the specific activity or act that will give me 80% of results?

Minimum Effective Dosage (MED) is about finding out the exact minimum dosage required to get the best outcome. Eg if I find out that running X amount of time with Y intensity and Z frequency helps me lose weight fastest, then the question would be

What is the least amount of running time, intensity and frequency will give me the best weight loss (outcomes)?

The reason for MED is because anything over the minimum effective dosage will become wasted or redundant, and hence to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

MED Example #1: Let’s use an example of supplements and nutrition. To make it simple, say we only need 100% of nutrients a day, which say is 100 points of ABCD nutrients. Anything above 100 points of ABCD nutrients will naturally wont be absorbed by the body, and turn out wasted as the body will naturally flush out unabsorbed nutrients through our skin, urine and poop.

MED Example #2: Showering. To shower, we just need to make our body wet enough for us to slather on soap/shampoo/condition/body wash etc, and enough water to wash off/clean. Any water used in excess of that is purely luxury or waste.

MED Example #3: Eating. We only need x amount of calories and nutrients per day (see MED Example #1). If what you need is 1500 calories per day and nutrients, taking in anything in excess…will just end up as adipost tissue and fats (weight gain). Yes, this is simplistic and there are many other factors, but let’s just keep this simple for now ok.

So minimum effective dosage focuses on the bare minimum for the best outcome, for minimal to zero wastage (resource management).


Of course a lot more thoughts will be required and applied to – this approach today will make the topics here VERY VERY broad and a lot to cover, but I am strangely or excitedly seem to be at peace with this.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s more me.

So I’m ok with that. There will be a massive overhaul here at too, but I will take my time as I have just joined Phoenix Rehab Group ( as a senior hand therapist and director, which will take at least 60-80% of my time and focus.

phoenix rehab website header

The remaining time will be focused on

  • (this site) and
  • My publishing business

Of course I’ve to consider my important things like God, wife, kids, family, friends too – talk soon!

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