Once you know that you want to build and live fuller, richer lives and is uphold by a strong and compelling reason for a fuller, richer future, then you need to do, on a daily basis, what leads you to where you want to go.

Either you strengthen:

  • financial fundamentals, psychology and personal power in money, or
  • healthcarepreneur business, be it in freelancing or in your private practice, or
  • your investments that makes your money works harder for you.

…or all of the above.

…or none of the above.

Everyday, you will be confronted with a barrage of choices and options that either works for you and your compelling future, or against it.

Frankly, you have the power to choose to build and live rich lives, or medium-class ones, or poor lives – it all depends on your Financial Patters that you adopt and use daily – are they poor-class, medium-class or rich-class habits?

I am not the smartest guy in the room, nor do I aspire to be. The only strengths I have with me are supportive wife, family and friends; God who loves me; and my hands and head. I didn’t have rich people who taught me how to get rich – I learnt this by adapting and fine tuning as I went along, though I recall vividly when I was fairly young, that I want to be rich when I grew up.

I think I was about 15 years old, and after witnessing how my parents (God bless them and I love them dearly), argued about money for the umpteenth time. My family was a very loving and supportive family, but we never seem to have enough, and it was often living from hands to mouth at times, as we started off at the lower scale of middle class. I remember my mum would wait to be the last person to buy groceries from a grocer truck, who would sell her the last (and often frumpy) items at a discounted price. We would eat eggs, beansprouts and ikan kuning, very often, as they were the most affordable. We almost never ate out, and my mum would recall how my brother and myself would stand at the window of KFC, and eyed the fried chickens in there greedily. My mum would then learn to be creative with the little money we had, and bought chicken and made our own home-made KFC, and lots of other stuff such as lap cheong, moon cakes, bak chang – and they all tasted lovely.

I wanted to be rich, and never have to worry about money again.

Of course, I was only have right – even though I become and live rich lives, I still worry about money, just that my money worries changed. They changed from worries of lack of money, to worries of “what to do with my money” – so, I’m still thinking about money in the end haha.

I chose to be rich, and I had no one to teach me – I had to learn, adapt and adjust as I went on this journey to learn and explore the answers. Then, I didn’t know all I have to do is to know what assets were, and to just keep acquiring more and more income-producing assets, and ruthlessly cut out unnecessary expenses – all I knew was that I didn’t have much money, didn’t have much network, didn’t have much anything, and all I had were supportive wife, family, friends, and a loving God who loved me.

We worked hard, and kept working hard for at least 5 years before the fruits of our labour showed and we could live fuller, richer lives.

Many people today decide to not be rich. It is too difficult. There is too much hard work involved. And they want things fast without hard work or patience, so you will hear things like

  • Our professions/job will never be rich.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I’m not here for the money.
  • I still have time.

There are more of such thoughts and statements, and these are thoughts that rob you of your fuller, richer future. They make you procrastinate and waste time, robbing you of the most precious commodity in the world: yesterday will NEVER come back. Secondly, they make you complacent from learning.

We all start from different stages in our lives, and if you are like me, who started with no networks, no money, it’s not a good reason to avoid learning. You can still pick up books, go for courses, read blogs.

You and I have the power and freedom of choice, everyday, every moment. Either you engage in things that bring you closer to your fuller, richer life; or you disengage and get distracted by distractions that just serves to pull you further away from your dream, and keeping it a distant dream.

If you’re already building your Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and/or Passive Income Investing (PII) – GOOD! Keep adding to it daily.

If you’re not, don’t waste anymore time where you can help it. Your four most important asset at hand is:

  • your head
  • your heart
  • your hands
  • your time

Of the above, your hands is hard work and effort, and your time is the use of your time, which you can see and directly control. What I want to focus on is your heart and head, of which is the most important because they form the rudder that controls and leads you to your richer, fuller future…or away from it.

You can choose what you want to input and upload into your brains – you can choose to watch TV and YouTube all day, read rubbish magazines and story books, or go to classes to learn how you can further your Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) and/or Passive Income Investing (PII) portfolio.

It’s your choice, every day.

Interesting thing about human psychology is that people prefer to buy better and nicer golf clubs rather than pay money to learn to golf better, and it’s the same thing with money – people rather get smitten with “buying established businesses” or “hot stock tips” rather than to go for courses to learn how to build businesses and invest.

What I do nowadays is to invest in seminars, workshops or webinars. I prefer those which are at least a full day course where I can fully engage and immerse and learn on a modular level; or buy online courses that helps me to build better businesses and investment portfolios which I can study again and again. I read and re-read books that help me in my business decisions and growth.

Some of my favorite investments:

  • picking up, reading and re-reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book – this formed the basis and provided the fundamentals of personal finance, assets and entrepreneurship when I was 22 years old. Price? Less than $10.
  • took the plunge to experiment and learn an internet marketing course with its in-build website building system called Site Build It. It made my private physiotherapy and rehab business an additional $100,000 per year on referrals alone in 2014, and this amount grows yearly. Price? USD $299 per year and 10 initial hours of learning, and 30 minutes for every article/page I build (more than 400 pages and counting). I recommend Site Build It everytime someone asks me what do I use to build my professional businesses. Every time.
  • and more

I go for at least 1-2 such courses per year.

Since 2014, I started downloading and listening to podcasts when I started to jog regularly. I will play and replay podcasts that has the content of skills and information that I want to learn, and listened and listened again (sometimes more than 20 times) until I get the lesson wired into my thick brain. Those that I cannot understand yet, I will play and replay until I get the lesson as well. I try to keep my mind as open as I can, and link it to whatever I am doing or planning to do, to see if I can apply it immediately to my businesses and investments, or to store as future reference for later use.

What happens when I go for these seminars, read these books and blogs, listen to these podcasts? What happens is that they add to my arsenal of solutions and tools and perspectives to better build my businesses and investment portfolio. I have my original thoughts and ideas, and I have the ideas and solutions from these seminars, books, blogs and podcasts.

I don’t just say one is wrong and one is right, and that’s it, but I store them as different solutions, perspectives and insights; so instead of having just my own understanding and ideas about a certain idea, I now have different solutions and tools. And that, to me, is very, very valuable, because it allows me to see things from different perspectives, and to provide different solution with different outcomes.

My own ideas and thoughts may not be the best solution, nor is it the only solution, so I go and get books and courses by Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Ramit Sethi, Warren Buffet etc, to learn how they do business and investments. This is the only way I can access their wisdom and knowledge and apply it to my own businesses and investments.

It’s interesting to note when people get new and especially conflicting ideas introduced to them, and they react defensively or offensively to “establish” their original idea as the superior one. It doesn’t have to be this way – instead of “clashing” of two different ideas, I rather have two different ideas, and experiment to see which works better for different situations. A chainsaw is good for felling trees, but isn’t appropriate for cutting an apple.

I call this synergy and group learning – it’s very slow and difficult for individuals to make all the mistakes and learn the slow way (it can be done, but it is a very slow process), but if you get a group of people to learn from each other, you can accelerate your learning process and shorten the time and effort to build and live richer, fuller lives.

Keep learning and seeking better solutions and information that will help you make better and better financial, business and investment decisions.

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