David (3 Years Old) Asked Me For A Pet….Dragon

David: Papa

Me: Yes?

David: I want a pet

Me: We have pet terrapin and Danio fishes –

David: I want a pet dragon!

Me: I don’t think so, I don’t know…

David: Yes, I want a pet dragon

Hahaha – these kids are so natural, so raw, and so simple – I’ve always knew that I want to be a father and a parent at some time in my life, and now that these kiddos are in my life, I love it.

Hmm, maybe more?

One of the most important things a parent must do, is to pay attention and listen to their kids. Not just follow blindly, but engage, participate, discuss, teach and guide. Active, loving, positive and anchored parenting is one of the most noble mid-to-long term decisions to do.





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