Before one of my ex-staff had left, she had something that had really riled me before. She had said,

we (meaning herself) are not supposed to be working. We’re not supposed to be struggling. We’re meant to be sipping coffee and champagne and spending time talking with loved ones, swimming and not working.

When I heard that, I got angry. I mean, how could she say that? To me, work is the best thing that one can do to grow, learn and earn. Perhaps it’s because what was said goes into being my antithesis, because I stand very strongly for good, honest work. Work that changes the world. Work that makes things better.

Yes, there is a time to celebrate, to laugh and sing and drink and dance. We always must make time for that. But life isn’t dainty and pretty like that. Humans grow through pain and struggling. Humans hone their skills through repetitive training and experience – we don’t “be” good, we become good by the decisions we make and actions we take.

And here was this young, green, rebellious newbie who is not planning to work hard. And it’s no wonder she struggles at work – her work is sloppy,  no details to attention, coming late to work persistently and blaming everyone else for her mistakes.

I started pondering it a little more.

Maybe it’s just because she’s young la. Then again, maybe there is a deeper reason? What happened through the course of time, for people such as these to reach these conclusions that handicaps their performance and future work opportunities?

You see, after seeing the way this ex-colleague handled her work, her  poor response to mistakes and feedback has allowed us to reach the conclusion that she wont be hired by us, ever. Period.

I wanted to understand more, so I dug deeper and I found that I’ve shared on it before, and it’s found here: Why The Generation Ys Are Unhappy. This ex-colleague of mine is fully explained in the article…which also explains a lot of the observations I have in the younger ones nowadays.

Yet, they ask me questions such as “how can I get rich”, “how to be successful”, “how to get to where they want to be” – but they lack the very thing that will bring them forward – good and strong long term vision, hard work to match the vision, and strong leverages. There is no fast way.

I can predict this ex-colleague’s future, and many others’ future too, if this keeps going on. They’ll get no where. They’ll just keep complaining, and jumping from jobs to jobs, looking for shinier objects, grass-looks-greener-over-there approach. Keep running around – all you get is wasted energy, smelling dirty, and you’re still where you start.

That’s why I tell people to stop whining and complaining, and instead, to focus on getting busy and proactive to upgrade their lives. If they have so much energy to complain and bitch, they have the energy to do something proactive. We all have the power to get wealth, the power to succeed and the power to level up within us, we we’ve got to put in the hard work. Complaining or whining doesn’t get one anywhere.

Self-sabotaging such as having a sloppy attitude and work is worse – it’s making others fire you, for you. Wake up and grow up and get to work.

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