Crypto or pre-ipo stocks? Which is better?

This is a trick question.

BOTH are not wrong, and both CAN be right.

So let’s discuss this a little, okay?

First, let’s discuss apples-to-apples.

Compare Pre-IPO with ICOs and IDOs

ICOs and IDOs are like the IPOs of crypto and blockchain projects; and they should (and can) be compared with IPOs as both are “initial offerings”, which are basically when a project raise funds from shareholders for public companies. In ICOs and IDOs, there are no shareholders however, the fundraisers get early access to the token which may raise in value.

Tokens in blockchain projects do not mean shareholding, but that being said, it can be very rewarding by itself eg CRONOS coin was launched as about 2c. It’s currently trading at around 11c, and has an ATH (at-the-high) of 96c. Not bad if you entered at 2c and sold at 96c, which is a 48X.

Crypto must be compared with growth or tech stocks

That’s right, let’s call it what it is.

“Blue chip” crypto can be compared to growth stocks such as Apple, Google, FB/Meta, which has very high growth potential but with painful demands for revenue and profit growth, failing which, can have painful market repercussions.

An example is Meta is recently down by 70%

Bitcoin is also down by 70% too during this time.

There are more similarities such as these, that’s why I classify the blue chips of crypto such as bitcoin and ethereum to be same as tech stocks.

Then buy which?

If crypto can be considered as tech / growth stocks, and you like growth stocks, then you can consider buying bitcoin and ethereum too, following the same line of thought. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there is no or zero risk, there’s always risks involved, so do your research and don’t put in more than you can afford to lose. If you cant afford to lose anything, then dont invest at all – earning more would make more sense in that case.


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