Cuts Crypto Earn Passive Income Rates

So it was a sudden and shocking update to me in the subreddit where fellow users started to complain about the buried, unannounced new crypto earn terms.

I searched around and found the update here:

In a nutshell, a few big changes

  1. The changes affects everyone, regardless you’re a “whale” obsidian or a beginner.
  2. New terms:
    • New rates of few increases in % namely BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, AVAX, MATIC.
    • Most of the damage is to stable coins where rate decreased from 12% pa to 10% pa.
    • Everyone’s maximum earn is decreased to first $30K will get full rates; anything above $30K is half rates (It is 2b that is the killing blow to stable coin staking.)

This in essence, is very shocking to higher-tier cardholders such as the Icy White / Rose Gold and the Obsidian, both of which previously had crypto earn limits of USD 1M and USD 2M respectively.

Of course people are upset, because the way it was done was unfortunately nonchalant and seems “a little hiding” because they were expecting backlash.

…though frankly I believe most of us who were with from beginning knows its a business and will operate like one, but at leastconsider tier it up man, say use these earn tier limits

  • Obsidian $2M >> $1M
  • Icy White / Rose Gold $1M >> $500K
  • Royal Indigo / Jade Green $50K
  • Ruby Steel $30K
  • Midnight Blue $5K

Does this change anything?

Say CDC refuses to budge and change:

  1. I feel that this will cause a short term dip as people who are upset as well as those who needs the cashflow will either sell their CRO to stable coins and move it to other places that offer better yield. There are some out there, google search (others had mentioned)
  2. This affects EARN but NOT stake. Staking for Icy and above still gets 12% pa for CRO card staking. So it’s possibly that some may double down on CRO staking (especially those who are bullish on CRO, cronos and, leading to a more stable CRO network as a whole in the mid to short term
  3. Icy and above still gets additional 2% in CRO on top of the half eg 5% + 2%; so some may just eat the difference. Again, I prefer CDC to revise the limits instead according to different card tiers.
  4. It’s possible that new users get more love and CDC attracts more new users too…

On the other hand, if they decide to introduce a better and tiered reward system according to card level, I will be super grateful.

What will I be doing?

I am unlikely to hunt for yield in other platforms. I will likely

  1. Double down in CRO staking to maximize the 12% CRO stake returns (this strategy relies on CRO being stable and growing and/or
  2. Withdraw portion to fiat to pay in part for my home purchase and/or
  3. Continue to stake stable coins but also sell my weekly CRO stake returns to supplement my cashflow

Again, this is not financial advice – I am sharing with you the most recent changes to their crypto earn, how it’s affecting my passive income cashflow, my take on how it could have been done better and what I am thinking of doing.

Thank you for watching Crypto com Cuts Crypto Earn Passive Income

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