A Powerful AI Tool For Research, Headline And Content Production

Can I say this: I’m in love…with (Get additional 10,000 credit bonus when you use my affiliate link to sign up)

I sign up recently due to Chris Fong’s email, there was an unlimited promotion then going for USD 99 / month (not cheap, but not expensive if you write a lot of content and headlines – which spoke a lot to me).

It is powered by AI to generate for you

  • headlines (email, blog posts, books, social media)
  • long or short form content (as above and even for books yes, but I’m new and currently using it for content)
  • product description
  • improve older content
  • research
  • post outline
  • and much more

Note: Get 10,000 credits by signing up today with my affiliate link and use AI immediately to write all your content and headline research and generation as mentioned above =)

Conversion dashboard looks like this:

There are so many categories you can use this for and I’ve used this less than 4 days at this point in writing, and I believe I will have to do an in-depth review later but so far – I’m loving it. The #1 benefit of this is not just the content and headline and research generation, but it gives me the momentum to complete my articles and improve my productivity.

If you post lots of content and and would want help to accelerate (with or without an assistant) – Get today with my +10K credits – it is very useful and will definitely help you write headlines and content – all with power of AI.

Even the headline generation part itself is worth it (as people read headlines 5X more than content).

Talk soon!

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