Consistent Intentional Action Will Bring You To Who And Where You Want To Be

First, you have to decide who and where you want to be in X time.

  • Perhaps it’s having X passive income per month in 5 years time.
  • Perhaps it’s having more closeness to your spouse or kids in 1 year’s time.
  • Perhaps it’s losing 10 pounds in 1 year’s time.

Whatever your goal is, making the the decision is the first step.

The second step: the magic of it coming to pass is consistent intention action done to bring you closer to your goals.

An example is this, say you want to achieve $1000/month in passive income by 1 year’s time. To achieve this,

You first explore what are your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and what is best suitable for you given your circumstance.

Would you have more than enough to save and invest into passive income dividend stocks that will get you $1K/month by 1 year’s time? If that’s not doable, then maybe pickup a side hustle that’s offline or online and learn how to build a profitable online business (I recommend starting off with Wealthy Affiliate free training, no credit card required)

Say you you determine that learning to build an online business is the best approach for now as Wealthy Affiliate has the free version (which is $0/month) and even if you decide to upgrade because the value is so high, their basic premium is only $299/year – you can use this for 25 sites and they have a higher tier one at $995/year with more benefits (I’m happy enough with the $299/year – it’s enough to suit my needs for hosting, training, community etc).

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Or you can stay with the free version forever – really up to you.

The reason why I say so is because online business is truly a business, and it may not be suitable for everyone (eg some people just like offline stuff which is cool as well). So try for free first to see if you really like it or not.

If you don’t there are many other options

  • you can freelance with physical opportunities such as walking / sitting pets, sell real estate or insurance
  • you can consult

Whatever you decide, you have to commit to learn, master and practice it. OF COURSE the first 3-6 months will be tough – it is hard to learn a new skill or monetise something, and that’s normal. But you know, and have heard the stories of how so many masters have to crank and learn and practice for years and years before they succeed and breakthrough.

There is no fast success nor overnight ones – they’re all achieve though consistent intentional practice.


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