Complaining, like all the thought patterns we hold/practice, it not merely a casual observation. In fact, it is a creative activity and/or practice. The more you complain, the more you will summon your creative energies to attract some/more things to complain about. In actual fact, your complaints and gripes may even be fully justified, but understand that each time you complain, you are setting yourself for more of the same.

Complaining is not merely a reiteration of the past or of what you had went through, it also sets an intention and goal in the near future.

Complaining is not the same as feeling a negative emotion/emotional reaction, which happens when something negative happens to you or near you, and it is your raw and initial reaction – this is normal, and aye-okay. Complaining is the creative act of taking what you had experienced negatively and reinforcing the experience of it, which creates an intention for more of it. It’s like being in a pizza shop, and once I had a pizza, and I don’t stop talking about it, the more the pizza parlour owner thinks I’d ordered more and sends more to me.

Complaining is an act of dwelling on the negative.

People who complain trap themselves in a situation and reality that constantly gives them more and more things to complain about. They just get more negative things in life. They seem unlucky. They don’t get their lucky breaks or deals. Unlucky situations keep finding them and manifesting in their lives. In a way, it seems really unfair, but actually it isn’t. In a strange way, it is fair – you get more of what you want/give. Complainers who keep complaining are basically undergoing the fulfilment of what they want – more complains and more things to complain about.

Every thought that we have is an intention, and what complainers do is, through habits, intend what they don’t want. So it makes perfect congruence that they live in a reality congruent with their intentions and thoughts. Though the complainers may say to you that what they’re experiencing is what that causes their complaints…but that’s only half the story, as their reality is also reflecting their complaints and intentions.

Worse, complaining is also an addictive habit. The more you do it, the more the pathway of complaining is reinforced before it becomes an ingrained habit in your mind, habits and behaviors, which makes it very, very hard to stop.


I’ve experienced many people who claim to be practicing or using the Law of Attraction, holding positive intentions, using positive affirmations and thinking about what they want to attract into their lives, only to fire off a volley of complaints after a couple of weeks or months of no results.

Some of the things they’d say: Law of Attraction is nonsensical! I did it properly, thought of what I want, hold the thoughts, did positive affirmations everyday, but it didn’t work for me! It’s a total time waster!

You know, people who really understands and grasps the Law of Attraction principle won’t ever do that. Doing that is like planting a seed in the garden then digging it up in a wild manner to see if it’s still there or still growing.

By doing that, they kill the seed that they’d planted.

Consider this then – if a person finds it okay to kill a seed/plant just to verify if it’s growing, then did they really intend or expect the plant to survive and thrive in the first place? Certainly not. If you already knew the plant will grow, you won’t dig it up. In fact, you’ll take extra care to water, remove weeds and protect it. Likewise, if you intended with certainty that your intention will manifest, it’s hardly likely that you will complain about your failure.

It’s more likely that you’d just continue holding the intention until it manifests, no matter how long it takes.

In real life, you will see some practitioners of LoA holding their intentions patiently for months, years and even decades…whereas complainers usually give up within a couple of days or weeks. Why? You may not like what I’m about to say, but the fact of the matter is that complainers are predisposed to give up and get failure. That was their real intention.

People who say that LoA doesn’t work for not giving them what they want either never truly understood LoA, or they never embraced it in the first place. They had expected to fail, only doing LoA lip service. Fundamentally, they remained negative.

You cannot fool God and His laws. LoA knows your true expectations, and it isn’t going to release its treasures to people who will give up.


The Law of Attraction is not time-bound. It is a timeless law that had existed way before we did. Here’s how I understand it: every thought/action in the past is a seed for a time in a future, of which we don’t know when we’ll harvest it, be it positive or negative. Everything that was before are seeds that had been planted…and everything today and in the future are a mix of either harvests only or harvest + seeding.

You can plant positive or negative seeds. And their fruits will be according to the seeds that you had planted. So, given a timeline, it should look somewhat like this

————————————————————————> Timeline

Plant Plant Reap Plant Plant
Plant Reap Plant Plant Reap
Plant Plant Reap Plant Plant

So if you can understand this in a form of planting, reaping, and timeline, realize that there can be two types of seeds: positive and negative. Positive seeds yields positive fruits that either add a good or take away a bad; negative seed add a bad or take away a good in our life. So a positive thinking and intender will manifest a predominantly positive life, and a negative thinker a predominantly negative one.

Of course, in the spiritual arena, this becomes slightly more challenging because you will get conflicts even as you do the right thing, and that in itself, is found in the entire book of the bible.Let me give you a real-world example. Suppose your car broke down this morning, and it was totally unexpected.

A real life example: supposed your car broke down – what do you think caused that breakdown today? Some might say it’s physics. A law of attraction advocate may say that that you may have sub/un-consciously putting out intentions to cause the breakdown. It could be both. Or either or. Maybe because you had not been servicing your car. Or maybe sometime ago, you were very worried of buying/owning a car because it may breakdown in a highway and you’d not know what to do.

I know that this makes LoA run a little more comprehensive and massive in its reach, but if you take some time to ponder this just a little longer, this actually makes more sense. Which is why it becomes crucial for us to keep/hold positive thoughts and intentions at all times or as much as possible if we’d like to manifest a positive life.

Even complaining about something that happened sometime ago must be stopped,


Real positive people who are good at manifesting the life they want don’t complain. Even when things don’t go their way, they keep focusing on the positive. They believe and have faith for things to eventually go their way. In fact, they also often take persistent action to participate in positive manifestation. Setbacks are nothing and don’t stop them nor does it make them curse Law of Attraction because they inherently do not carry the complainer seed. They’re not perfect, but this approach will likely be their dominant approach to life.

So what happens if you have planted a negative, complainer seed though your intending or complaining some time ago?

If you want to create the future and life that you really want, instead of one you just tolerate, you must uproot the complainer seed. It is these seeds that are very toxic and destructive that will keep killing all the positive seeds you plant. It knows it can destroy them. It knows you’re trying to break through. It wants you to fool yourself. It’d try to deceive you into thinking that the positive seeds you’ve planted are really weeds.

When you realize that all the complainer seed will do is to try to sabotage your efforts the longer you hold/intend it, you’ve got to make the conscious decision to uproot and dump it. Only then can your positive intentions take root without being poisoned or uprooted.

Whenever you catch yourself complaining, be it within or without, visualize that complainer seed, and visualize yourself uprooting it and throwing it away. Imagine it’s thrown into a dumpster. Maybe fed to bird. Maybe just burnt away. Then visualize a positive thinking seed, and imagine yourself planting it, watering it, fertilizing it, and say to yourself:

“I hold the positive seed of happiness.”

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