Circuit-breaker aka Soft Lockdown In Singapore 2020

So it has begun, the soft lockdown aka circuit-breaker in Singapore beginning 7th April 2020 and lasting till 4th May 2020, exactly four (4) full weeks at this point in writing.

All because of a pandemic and plague that has affected the whole world (currently more than 1.3 million individuals have been infected, with tens of thousands death, and more to come possibly).

The streets are harrowingly quiet, in stark contrast as to how it normally is, no longer the robust hustle-and-bustle activities can be seen or heard anywhere, and with the possibility of extension (if you refer to Wuhan’s lockdown, Wuhan was hard lockdown for 2 full months) to curb the local linked and unlinked COVID-19 cases.

Everyone, please stay safe during this time.

  1. Work from home if possible.
  2. If going out, wear surgical-grade or N95 masks.
  3. Stay at least 1-2 meters away from the non-household/family individuals
  4. Don’t go visiting other households, even family.
  5. Avoid especially the elderly, as they’re at higher mortality risk to COVID-19

Money and career can be earned back and restarted again, but our body and health – it’s the only one we have.

Stay safe, stay alive, and spend time with loved ones during this time.

God bless you, I love you and talk soon.

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