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My family and I made the switch over to Circles Life after being with M1 for close to 10 years (from 2008 to 2018).

It was a little nostalgic and sad-ish, when M1 customer service officer ask me, “Mr Chua, you’ve been with us for 10 years now, why are you leaving us – we’re sad you’re leaving.”

Then she proceeded to provide me with offers to get me to stay or re-contract with them, and after listening to M1’s retention offers, I decided to continue with the cancelling of the numbers that I’m not using and fully porting out to Circles Life.

I asked them back also:

  • how come only when I’m leaving I get these special offers?
  • I’ve had some challenging customer service when I went to M1 multiple times over the last 10 years

I mean the customer service officer on the phone was great: courteous, professional, personal and warm…but as I was speaking to her and connecting with her, I also recalled how there was little benefits for us to stay with them and experienced some less-than-good service when I went to their centers.

If you read my earlier article on why I’m porting over to Circles Life, you also will realize that I may save up to 80% of my bill (read more in the article here).

So I did.

It’s so easy!


We went to meet Circles Life staff at Sengkang Post Office, and over there, there was zero queue, and chatting with him was fantastic:

  • honest
  • real
  • professional
  • personal
  • warm
  • helpful

We got our new Circles Life SIM cards on the spot at the Post Office itself, and within the next business day, our Circles Life accounts was already activated.

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code 20REGOFF For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today


Being a customer of Circles Life is much simpler.

Gone are the days of having to go to M1 (or any other telco retail units) or calling in to put on call whilst all their customer service officers are busy/engaged with other customers.

Now, I just go onto my Circles Life app:

circles life app dashboard 1 circles life app dashboard 2

From this app itself, I can modify according to my needs:

  • I can add more calling minutes
  • I can turn-on free incoming (add $2/month) or free outgoing (add $16/month)
  • I can switch on my auto-roaming (depending on where you go, can be as cheap as $3 per 100 MB just for data) – or unlimited Whatsapp overseas as $1/day
  • I pay my bill online automatically too

Basically more power in my hands, in my app, and no more hassle waiting, calling, visiting, and being judged by customer service officers.

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code 20REGOFF For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today


There are other bonuses that also impressed me, which:

  • every six (6) months, you get additional 500 MB of data per month forever as long as you’re a customer of Circles Life (that’s +1 GB data per month every 12 months)
  • lots of fun events and bonuses that when you participate in you can earn bonus data, like the recent World Cup 2018, if you predict the correct winner, you can earn some extra data
  • you can also refer other new Circles Life customer, who if they use your code, they will get $20 off their registration (usually $38, but with your referral code, they pay only $18) and this in turn, will earn you 200 MB data
circles life fun games add bonus data circles life earn bonus data referral

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code 20REGOFF For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today


Ah, the classic hook by the other Telcos.

So for this to make sense, you need to run your numbers properly. When I was still using M1, I took the SGD 85 per month plan, and add everything in, I pay around SGD 100 per month.

In 24 months, I pay SGD 2400.

Every 24 months, they give me a new Android phone, or top up ~$500-700 for the latest Samsung or Apple phone.

So that’s $2400 + $600 = $3000 every 2 years right?

So say I use Circles Life, and my bill goes from $100 to $30.

$30 x 24 months = $720 for 2 years.

$3000 – $720 = $2280 = my budget for buying phones…which I can buy a new phone every year if I want to, not just wait every 24 months for some discount.

Of course, depending on the phone model you buy, Apple phone can be close to $2000, which means you still can buy a new phone every 2 years, or if you’re like me, I buy Oppo (for now), which costs me around $700.

Basically you have more options with the cost savings – be it to buy phone, add on more functions on your Circles Life app – it’s more power to you as the consumer.

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code 20REGOFF For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today

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