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We ported over to Circles Life from M1 since 9th July 2018, and today is 24th July 2018 (15 days ago) and I thought I’d give you some updates.

Since then, I’ve earned some bonus data from referring new users to Circles Life who used my bonus code
circles life promo code been used

Happy to report that I’ve FIVE accounts under my Circles Life promo code use, and that gave me a bonus 1 Gigabyte per month!

Don’t forget, as a “regular plan user” of Circles Life, I will gain 500 MB of surfing/internet data every 6 months (means that every year, they will add 1 GB to my account for use).

All my 10+ years with M1, I have NEVER:

  • gotten bonus internet data be it as a loyal customer OR
  • to refer anyone else to them

If anything, I was on the M1 iPhone unlimited account, and that program was discontinued, and when I renewed my contract, they “graciously” gave me 6 GB.

20180724 circle life bonus 1 20180724 circle life bonus 2

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code MINUS20REG For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today


telephone mobile use
Hands-down, I think one of the few reasons why they are so popular is because they take the “give and give” approach to their customers.

From day 1:

  • I am given bonus data for porting my life over +2 GB bonus forever
  • I am given bonus data for recommending others via my Circles Life discount and promo code +200 MB per referral/account as long as they are on the normal account
  • I am given bonus for participating in fun activities eg World Cup 2018 prediction +100 MB, even for fun, is really positive and fun
  • I am able to control my account ie add or minus more hours, minutes, turn on/off roaming etc 24/7, anytime.
  • Free caller ID forever
  • Unlimited WhatsApp messages
  • Capped 10,000 minutes of free video calls eg Whatsapp Calls per month (10,000 minutes = 166 hours = a lot of video/audio call time), and even if exceed, you can use your wifi or data (use wifi la).
  • Everything is truly pro-rated to the dot, which is truly a real “you pay what you use” compared to M1 (more on this below)

This is a stark difference of having to call to M1 hotline:

  • I had to call in, and most times I have to wait because “all the customer service representatives are busy” for any changes and updates
  • Caller ID SGD 10/month
  • Calls/data/services are billed round up eg if you use 15 seconds to make and complete a call, you’d be billed 60-second “blocks”, which is 300% more expensive second-for-second

All in all, it’s really overall

  • more convenience and control to the end user
  • more cost savings to the end user (see my calculations here if you’re very used to getting new phone every 2 years with a Telco – in short, you save more and can buy new phone every year with Circles Life depending on savings if you port over to Circles Life).

Use the Circles Life Discount Promo Code MINUS20REG For $20 Off All New Circles Life Accounts – use it today

If you’re not with Circles Life yet, take a look at their offerings and compare: if you’d make a lot of savings, port over today.

It’s so fast – I got my new SIM card on the spot (I did the porting at Sengkang Post Office) at the counter, and my number was ported over within the next business day.

Earlier, it was unreal, cos I was used to all the delays with M1…but now, I am starting to enjoy this control and speed.

You may too =D

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