Choose to retire and get financially independent as early as you can for you to enjoy more of life

You got to choose to retire and financially independent as early as possible; to free yourself up to do shit you care about for as long as you can.

Today’s episode is a short and sweet one – my third kid baby Josh sits with me as I share about the rebranding and focus to Retire Early with Nigel.

Retiring early is directly linked to financial independence (that’s why there was / is a big FIRE movement a couple of years back; and frankly, that has been in the center of all I do since 27 years old (40 years old this year).

My message that drives me forward, day after day, since 27, is “to get money out of the way of my life so I can focus on shit that matters.”

Today, 13 years later, the message remains the same, and clearer than ever, amidst COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine war/conflict, work from home etc.

Life is really too short to work till 60 or 70+ then stop and then die.

Hell no.

I want (and will) retire by 45 while I’m still strong and active, to spend meaningful time with my wife and kids and pursue projects and stuff I care about.

NOT wait and mope around wondering where all the time went if I retire at 60s and 70s, no way.

Come, let’s get financially independent and be able to shit we want.

Boy and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Retire Early with Nigel.

The three core pillars that I focus on that helps to achieve and maintain this are:

  1. Earning (more). I need to earn money which helps me to pay for daily living, and allows me to invest for passive portfolio income.
  2. Saving (more). Without the ability to save and optimize spending, however amount one earns will never be enough. Every dollar counts BUT i cant live like a miserly scrooge.
  3. Invest for passive income. This is third and final leg of the trinity of retiring early. The goal is to invest for enough passive income that our portfolio and investment passive income can sustain for our living expenses and more.

And then we’re free.

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