Changing The Way I Write

man writing on paper

I think of the main issues with how I blog and write here (or anywhere) is that I tend to over-think things.

For example, here in, I would want to come up with all the taglines, fonts, tags, categories etc before I start writing and I realized that this is a form of perfectionism – I wanted the perfect framework so that when I start writing, thinking that I will follow this perfect system and it will turn out good.

Later, when I read Jon Dykstra on him saying that he doesn’t pay attention to the categories or tagging at all, just that he’d create the posts that readers want to read…and THEN later he’d take a look at the whole picture and start tagging and categorizing everything.

It was then I realized that I had a perfection-fallacy, which will deter me from writing, because I AM a work in progress. I would keep learning, growing and leveling up. If I keep trying to update the writing system and categorization, I would never start writing, because the categories keep changing!

So…I’ll just start writing, again.

And only later, say every 3 or 6 months, I’ll assess and add the categorization on a as-when basis.

That is a lot more practical, and makes lots of productive sense to me right now. This approach will keep my blog very fresh, filled with up to date progress and growth updates, as well as more useful content for you, my readers as well..

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