Celsius doxxed ALL user wallets and what this means to you

It’s a damned shame.

Celsius not only bites the dust (they’re bankrupt and insolvent now, which means they’re being liquidated and closing shop).

A couple of days back in Oc 2022, they filed a 15,000 page report with ALL the names of their clients and crypto withdrawal addresses…and what this means to you is that if you had EVER put any coins on celsius at all, even 1 USDC, your details is there in that report.

ie you’ve been doxxed

What does doxxed mean?

Doxxed means that you’re visible on the blockchain network, to those who knows how to find you.

Reason being any crypto or digital wallets that can be linked to your name by finding out which addresses paid or received X amount of tokens to/from celsius…ie people who want to find you and who knows how to, they can.

Do you need to worry?

99% of the time, no.

It’s a problem only if you’re

  1. a criminal,
  2. a tax evader or
  3. a political activist being prosecuted in your country

#1 and #2 means it’s already wrong doing involved…so…if that’s you, stop it as much as possible. There are many ways to earn money and to have fun.

What should you do about celsius’ doxxing?

You can care less and ignore, or, you can consider preserving your privacy by looking for a place that dont do KYC. This will keep your info safe from prying eyes.

Special note:

This document also revealed that Mashinsky and his wife withdrew $12M when they said they didnt.

This means that there seems to be some inside job or inside knowledge, pre-celsius shutting down. Definitely not a good thing in my opinion, and I’m sorry for the victims who got caught up in this. Hang on in there.

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