Celebrating Leavers

several pineapples at a party

This week one of our staff told us that she is thinking of resigning because of aspirational dreams and goals to earn more and do more, and she was a little sad, tearful and uncertain and also excited.

Without stopping, I immediately congratulated her and told her that whenever someone wishes to leave us for something better suited for them, we celebrate it, and we wish her all the best, and that she will always be welcomed back to us (as we are poised to grow for 2021 and beyond too).

But this has been one of the way we do things and our philosophy: never hold anyone back if where they’re going is better and/or more aspirational than where they are now with us.

Why hold people back?

If anything, we wish, want and pray to encourage them to keep leveling up.

And if they change their minds later, and if we have space for them, we will always welcome them back.

Yes, it’s a little more hassle for operations.

Yes, it’s a little sad and inconvenient.

But it’s a big yes to growth and progress, and that is more important.

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