Where and who do you want to be in X time?

This is an extremely important question to ask and ponder, on a regular basis. Maybe every week. It’s an important exercise because it’s a highly visual and exploratory exercise, taking note of where and who we are today, and mapping / connecting it to where we want to be in X amount of time. This … Read more

You Need Passive Income To Become Time Free…To…

If you want to achieve financial security and freedom, then it is time to start building your passive income streams. There is just no way around this – the only way you will reach your full potential with money is by learning how to generate more of it without actually working for it. I am … Read more

Conversion.ai Unlimited Pro Waitlist Promotion April 2021

So you remember the AI-powered copywriting tool that I purchased recently and am in love with? It was on a promotion, which goes for USD 99 / month for the pro unlimited version, with no limits to words and copy generated, and apparently I was lucky enough to get the unlimited version which has the … Read more

PassiveIncomeEntrepreneurship.com is born!

I’ve finally taken the defining step to separate out NigelChua.com and online business/passive income which will be in PassiveIncomeEntrepreneurship.com! NigelChua.com will focus on growth, leadership, good success, motivation, transformation – along those lines, and PassiveIncomeEntrepreneurship.com will focus and revolve around passive income entrepreneurship, particularly online business and affiliate marketing. It actually feels quite good to … Read more

Writing And Focus Beyond 2020

It’s really tough and challenging at times for me, to decide what focus I want to write for NigelChua.com. See, right now, my awareness and perception is that I am a born-again Christian, and with Christ, I can do anything and overcome the world, for Jesus has overcome the world. I am born with certain … Read more