“I Didn’t Read The Contract So It Doesn’t Count”

This is a memory of a distant past, and is a story how one fails at leadership and personal integrity. The words mentioned by someone I know, in their bidst to exit a contractually binding agreement. Deny, deny, deny, in their bidst to say that it wasn’t their fault – that it doesn’t count because … Read more

Constantly Reinventing Myself And Staying True To Myself

This two words sort of contradict each other, does it not? How can I reinvent myself yet stay true to myself? Is that a broken loop? Of course not – it’s because I stay true to myself and to God’s words and teaching that I constantly need and want to grow, be it spiritually, mentally, … Read more

How To Be A Real Man

This has been in my mind for years and years now, as I experience life, observe my social and physical environment, evaluate and re-evaluate the roles of man in our society, internationally and universally. I find that many are unaware, unconscious and generally living life without much conscious thought and living. I know, as I’ve … Read more

Principles And Patterns Of Excellence

DISCOVER PATTERNS AND PRINCIPLES OF PROGRESSIVE LIVING It is them that will bring you closer to the path of personal development, prosperity, power and peace. Everything in our life can be seen as patterns of certain principles. If one takes the principle of success, as well as the patterns of it, I would dare say … Read more