Mentorship Meeting With Lazada CEO Martell Hardenberg 20th October 2015

On 20th October 2015, I was blessed and lucky for the privilege to participate in a mentorship session with Lazada Singapore CEO, Martell Hardenberg. It was a nice mentorship session, with about 16 participants including myself, and Martell was very, very approachable, down to earth, and actually very relatable. What made him so relatable was … Read more

Philosophy, Stoicism And Seneca

Recently I’ve been reading a couple of Stoism books by Seneca, and it absolute spoke to me. Seneca’s words, were so brief, yet concise, and rich in depth and meaning. I give you an example: On the Shortness of Life translated by John W. Basore Chapter 1, page “I” The majority of mortals, Paulinus,1┬ácomplain bitterly … Read more

4th Death Anniversary Of Papa (Daniel Chua Oon Hian)

Papa, can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since you left us – time really flies. You passed away when you were 59…so that’d make you 63 this year if you are still with us. Guess what? I’ve 2 little kiddos now – Olivia (3 years+) and David (1 year+). I love them both to … Read more