Personal Excellence, Growth And Staying True To Good Values and Passive Income Is Key

…to good success and a good life. Like a broken record, I’ve said it again and again: who we become, is infinitely more important that what we can ever materially gain I’m taking my time to ruminate, think and philosophize on what exactly is good success and a good life, and some of the few … Read more

Naive Idealism Leadership

I caught up with one of my investment banker client-turn-friend and we were chitchatting, and he shared with me the world of cutthroat finance and business, and people do it because it’s tolerated (even welcomed) as it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and it’s the survival of the fittest. I shared how I disagreed with that approach … Read more

The Courage To Restart And Keep Following God

I left a fairly stable and ?successful business and brand some years back, and it took me a few years for me to mull over / consider and pray through thoroughly before deciding firmly to leave following God’s will and direction for me in the new phase of my life where I am remaking and … Read more

What I Decided Then, Still Stands After Years And Counting

I was clearing out some documents, and I chanced across some old documents, some normal, some legal, and I was looking at the details in there and I burst out laughing – we had dealt with so much lies, falsehoods, allegations, and childish insults…and my decision then still stands today, years later and still counting. … Read more

Sincerity And Rawness Isn’t A Measure Of Truth

Sincerely Wrong Sincerity and rawness by itself isn’t, cannot and will never be a measure of truth. Just because one person feels a certain way and expresses sincerity and rawness in a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Even if a person misunderstands a Situation G entirely, but because he/she cries in distress … Read more