10X Happier

Other than the pursuit of God as the highest calling, the next highest would be the pursuit of happiness.

To me, happiness happens when I’m in my flow and zone of doing things that matter, with people that matter. Doing good stuff, you know.

Not cheating, lying, scamming others – that kind of stuff, I cant agree with and cant do it. Don’t do it – I believe in doing the right things only. Even if they’re not popular.

Wrong decisions may be popular, and right decisions may not be easy or popular. But always do the right thing as it’d be registered in our minds, hearts and bodies…and we will have to account to God sooner or later.

Do the right thing, and be at ease in your soul.

Intermittent Fasting Day #9

Good health is super important, and I cant stress that enough – as I grow older, I believe more and more that we need to take better and better care of our health.

And one of the best ways to me, is regular intermittent fasting.

Eating less itself decreases the amount of junk entry into our system; it does help that we dont need as much calories as we grow older, but we need to be more picky with what we eat.

Quality over quantity if I may say.