Take Ownership Of Who You Want To Be Today…And In The Future

It is your life. It is your story – you may not get to decide who you started with (birth) and when you may die, but you get to choose how you’d like to live the chapters between life and death. Why would you want anything less than the best? In order to get what … Read more

Consistent Intentional Action Will Bring You To Who And Where You Want To Be

First, you have to decide who and where you want to be in X time. Perhaps it’s having X passive income per month in 5 years time. Perhaps it’s having more closeness to your spouse or kids in 1 year’s time. Perhaps it’s losing 10 pounds in 1 year’s time. Whatever your goal is, making … Read more

Conversion.ai Unlimited Pro Waitlist Promotion April 2021

So you remember the AI-powered copywriting tool that I purchased recently and am in love with? It was on a promotion, which goes for USD 99 / month for the pro unlimited version, with no limits to words and copy generated, and apparently I was lucky enough to get the unlimited version which has the … Read more

Pursuit Of Just Cause, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Financial Freedom Etc – It’s All Mindset & Lifestyle

I’ve been writing much about passive income and entrepreneurship leadership and just cause financial freedom growth and personal development And I realize that it’s all a decision: it boils down to a decision to embrace this into a “working framework” in the mind (mindset) and in action (lifestyle). It just cannot be segregated where one … Read more