“I Didn’t Read The Contract So It Doesn’t Count”

This is a memory of a distant past, and is a story how one fails at leadership and personal integrity. The words mentioned by someone I know, in their bidst to exit a contractually binding agreement. Deny, deny, deny, in their bidst to say that it wasn’t their fault – that it doesn’t count because … Read more

Good Success – The Long Infinite Game

There are many different kinds of success. What is your idea of success? How do you measure your own achievements in life? One person’s idea of success may not be the same as another’s. For some, it might mean fame and fortune; for others, it could mean something more modest like a good job with … Read more

What Is Good Success?

Good success to me, is mastery in the following areas of our lives where everyone wins. My dream of the good successful life and business is where we can build and live lives that are rich, healthy, blessed, life and world-changing BUT Where no one needs to be thrown under the bus. Where no one … Read more

Spend At Least 5 Hours Every Week On Growth

You need to spend at least 5-10+ hours each week on growth activities. These includes Reading something that expands your mind Exercising to strengthen your body Forgiving others Speaking out in kindness Calling a loved one Etc If you do this every week, you will keep improving every week. Choose something that interests you and … Read more

Great Pretenders

Remember the great hit song, “ The Greatest pretender?” After so many years (as of 2021, I am 39 years old), I finally understood a portion of what this means – it points to people who don’t know themselves and they pretend that are someone else in order for them not be judged or feel … Read more