Cash-Grabbing Has Long Term Negative Consequences

I write specifically to target organizations and individuals whose actions are done specificly to grab as much cash from their clients and customers as possible, without delivering additional value, or worse, cheating the clients.

I am fine with ambition and industriousness – it is admirable too.

What I detest is when such cash-grabbing organizations and individuals forget their actual worth and character when they participate in cash-grabs at all cost which includes

  • lying
  • coercion
  • manipulation
  • cheating
  • forcing
  • etc

Without considering their long term character (reputation gets affected too, but I am ultimately more concerned for character and upright-standing decisions).

It’s similar to large companies whose senior leadership team axes headcounts and salaries but do not cut their own salaries, instead, choosing to “sacrifice” the “less worthy”.

It’s a disgusting and errant practice to me – in fact, if they do not correct-course and redeem themselves with corrective good actions, it’s the beginning of the death of one’s character and reputation. Worse, it’d erode one’s positive esteem and sense of self.

But oh well, maybe I’m overthinking it.

  • maybe some people have no conscience
  • maybe some are okay with that
  • maybe some have no choice or desparate

Whatever it is, I cant do that. Unfortunately I’m cut from a transparent cloth and would prefer things to be done right and good and adds value and positivity in the world, not some short term money-grabbing-stunt-without-care-for-ethics-whatnot.

I believe that if / when we devalue ourselves by doing actions that at devaluing us, it signals and is the beginning of the death of our esteem, confidence and character.

The reason why I say that is because that once someone starts cheating, lying, manipulating, coercing ie doing anything evil / negative to get what they want, they are really saying that their character don’t matter, and that money is everything.

They’re basically conceding that their character and integrity and ethics are worth less than money.

No, we cannot “win at all costs” – there is a price to pay, and the truth will surface out one day. Like I’ve often shared, who we become is infinitely more important than what we can ever gain materially.

I’d like to challenge you to think differently from “norm and normal” practice:

  • do what is right and good, that you can openly tell your family and grandparents
  • don’t devalue yourself
  • realizing that you’re really worth it and valuable

Short term cash-grab has long term character and esteem consequences, don’t do it.

And that’s why I cant do it. I just cant.

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