Boiled Water Tastes Much Better Than Microwaved Water

I love coffee. Its taste, smell, look…and I like it sugarless, if not very, very mildly sweetened. But I love cream. =)

In the last 3 months where I ran my Hand Therapy Clinic in Novena Medical Center, I had to microwave my water to make hot water for my coffee, at least once per day, and like what Steve Pavlina wrote earlier when he was still using the microwave, I optimized my use of the microwave – I knew where to place my cup that when the microwave is complete, it would be in the optimal position for my right hand to reach for it and quickly make my coffee. Each time I make hot water, it’d be for 2 minutes, and within the 2 minutes, I’d roughly know how much I can do away from the microwave and doing mini-tasks before I’d walk over to the microwave before it goes ‘ding’ and my hot water is ready.

Well, in the past few weeks I’ve also been reading his later articles on moving away from the use of microwaves because there are just too many dangers of using the microwave (see additional and in-depth reading in the links below)

  1. Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking
  2. The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

The summation of the articles report that cooking food with microwaves makes food more carcinogenic (cancer causing), destroy nutrients therefore decreasing the nutrition value of food and creates unnatural substances that shouldn’t be consumed by humans. Listed side effects of eating microwaved food includes long-term brain damage, altered hormone production, tumors/cancers, weakened immune system, memory loss and decreased intelligence. Even being near microwaves as it works affects us.

That maybe the reason why the Russian government had placed a nation-wide ban on microwaves since the late 1980s. Yes, you read correctly. Read the articles to go in-depth.

Being in a new clinic has given me some privileges that I am extremely grateful for – not only do I not have to microwave my water, now I can have heated mineral water, which is much better than my usual heated tap water. Am I blessed or what. Well, in the long term, I plan and am moving my businesses and assets to something that I can manage from within my home, as I’d love to be able to work from a home environment where it’d be more conducive to working and living.

Share later on that.

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