Being An Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely

I have shared this notion why being an entrepreneur is lonely to all I know, because it’s true.

Remember, statistically, 95% of all start ups fail in the first year. 90-95% of those start ups that survive in the first year, don’t survive in years 2-5. That means roughly 1-2 start ups “make it”. Imagine, only 1-2 entrepreneurs who can connect with you as a fellow entrepreneur.

Next, if all your friends and family members are employees…they will not understand or jive with your entrepreneurial tendencies. They may not get how the buck ends with you, that everything in the business is your problem. They may get upset that you’re not spending time with them, burning your weekends and hours, and tell you to get a job.

Imagine your entrepreneur friends betraying and back/front stabbing you – that’d make it worse, LOL – speaking from personal experience too hoho.

Thirdly, you may strain relationships, lose friends, lose health in your entrepreneurial journey…because your business in the first few years will need a lot of your time, energy, attention.

This is why I nowadays recommend people to start their entrepreneurship journey on the side, preferable with an online one (I recommend this: where costs is low and you leverage technology to help build your business.

Entrepreneurship can be a hard and lonely journey, but I am wired to be an entrepreneur – I used to joke with my wife, that we’re the shit and crap cleaners, putting out fires and anticipating forward. Everyday is hard and challenging, and I fucking love it.

I will do it again in a heartbeat, because there are just so many benefits to entrepreneurship, which I will share with you in a future series later, including meaning and purpose and fun cos it’s challenging.

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