This is a very high-level goal-setting/achieving article on achieving X, whatever X is to you.

The simplest X herein is usually riches, wealth, money etc, so I’ll use that as an example in this article.

So most people have the idea of achieving goals BACKWARDS. What they think and say in error usually is:

To achieve/have riches, I DO the things to be A RICH person.

An example of that is:

  • buying and driving expensive luxury cars
  • buying and wearing expensive luxury watches/belts/clothing etc
  • spending (too) much on stuff TRYING to look or seem rich

(Let’s call this Person A)

THIS IS 1000000% WRONG.

The reason why I say it’s wrong is because it is NOT scalable, sustainable nor replicable for the mid to long term (busting one’s income and energy and efforts on stuff that doesn’t scale, just doesn’t scale right?)

The proper and correct way is:

BE the right person, DO the right things, and it will allow you to HAVE the things you WANT.


  • understanding the correct basics of wealth
  • doing/investing in stuff that brings in passive income sustainably and reliably egi) dividend stock investing for passive dividends
    ii) online businesses for passive income
    iii) etc
  • ensuring costs of living are less than passive income, and surplus is reinvested.

(Let’s call this Person B)

Just compare Person A versus Person B.

Who do you think will eventually become and stay rich for long?

A, who keeps using and blowing out their income to look rich?

Or B, who keeps investing as much of their income to invest into dividend stocks and online businesses for passive income and passive dividends?

Obviously, it’s B, who understood the BE-DO-HAVE.

B applied the:

  • to BE rich, one must
  • DO what makes one TRULY rich (and not just LOOK the part)
  • eventually, B will have the surplus income to truly become, stay and be rich

What do you think?

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