Back To WordPress…Again (Haha!)

Wordpress text

I’m finishing up on the latest move of from Solo Build It (SBI) back to WordPress (hosted at Wealthy Affiliate) again, and paying $1K+ for the move back.

Yep, and it is kinda funny, how I went back-and-forth and now forth-and-back again…but I think is best to be a WordPress site as it’s more flexible and more of a blog to me (SBI is great for monster static, authority sites in my opinion, and get lots of search engine traffic but it is kinda clunky but it just works).

That being said I did some of the common/usual keywords search on Google which my articles on the previous platform was top 10…lo and behold, they’re still on top 10. Looks like they didn’t move much (if any) in terms of ranking.


Oh well, it’s good also la that way, then I can happily keep on WordPress, which boasts a lot more tech functionality and flexibility though it’s also a steep learning curve for me, having been on Solo Build It (SBI) for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still recommending SBI to readers and people, and it just depends on what their needs are.


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