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20210216 Update: the domain name has expired, but the owner is using instead Facebook – visit for updates and orders

20200807 Update: I realized website has expired, and I am not sure if the owner is still practicing or providing good beef as a business. I will disable the link to his website until he reactivates it – if you find out that he is still doing his good beef work, please let me know and I’ll reactivate the link to his website, thank you.

an ox box singapore

Louise and myself were attending a Start Up / Entrepreneurship Fellowship in a house, and during refreshment time, there was a beautiful smoky scent that caught my attention – I couldn’t see where the source was as I walked to the table, but later we were presented with 2 lovely cooked angus tomahawk chops, and a serving of dry aged Angus ribeye.

My goodness.

I’ve never had those in my life, ever (with 2 kids and being busy in business and homepeople), but goodness, that was really good.

  • Presentation, check.
  • Flavor of simple salt, pepper and spices, check.
  • Texture, check.
  • Succulent and moist, check.
  • Temperature, check (he kept reheating them up with a blowtorch as it’s easier and prettier too).


So Jeff was originally in photography, and he did pretty ok with it, and after 7+ years of that, he was thinking of pivoting to something entirely different.

I think he likes/loves beef (I only met him once yesterday), and so he came up with the idea of

  • importing high grade beef from the United States
  • learn the skills of dry ageing, preparing, cooking, presenting and hosting/private dining
  • spoke to his girlfriend’s parents/family, and presented his steak and idea to them: of using their place as private dining in return for really good beef – and they agreed
  • and launched it.

That seems to be it, and I will say this:

1. What a brilliant way of starting a business. Keeping costs so so low, and partnering with people who loves his food as a base to provide private dining experience.

2. People WILL pay for good/excellent stuff, especially food. And by golly, his dry-aged tomahawk beef…is excellent.

How does this apply to you? I’d like to reiterate how smart his decision was to keep his cost very low by partnering with his girlfriend’s parents, to be able to use their place to cook, host private dining and in return for really good beef.

He is resourceful, and I believe that aside from eating that yummy beef, we can also learn from his resourcefulness to start a new side gig, by going with what we like (in his case, excellent dry aged US beef) and testing out on small scale without being locked in to 2+ years of F&B rental etc.

Brilliant beef move Jeff =)

I love the beef and the business and high commendations to the man, Jeff, his girlfriend/supporters – if you’re in Singapore, and looking to experience a very high quality, private dining US dry age beef dinner with company (at least group of 10 for dine in, and I believe he’s working with something that we can take-away for us too heh), contact him and make a reservation.

His private dining is pretty packed in advance so if/when you want to enjoy his menu and dry aged beef with your company/companion/friends, do plan and reserve in advance – enjoy =)
an ox box beef cuts
His website is located at:

Or click on the pictures or link above that will bring you straight to his business home page – enjoy.

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