An Inkling, Teaser, Uncertainty Of The Path I’m Taking Here In

I’ve been thinking about why it’s been so hard for me to “choose” a niche here at, like

Why does it seem so difficult?

I’ve been struggling with it the last 10 years or so, and I think I’m getting an inkling, a teaser of why it’s like that, and it seems that it’s because isn’t “just” another brand or business to me with a particular niche that I can zoom in on.

You know, like the brands and businesses that I’m working in/with, such as

  • Phoenix Rehab which is a specialist orthopedic and sports physiotherapy and hand therapy provider in Singapore.
  • Wisdom Of Proverbs which is a site dedicated to my interest and passion for the Book of Proverbs of the Bible.
  • My other niche sites and businesses

*** Combines Personal Growth, Journaling, Teaching & More

The real reason for this is because to me, is sort of like a journal, where I write about my good success habits, mindsets, psychology, focus, adventures and more. The ups and downs of life. The musings, the realizations, the bitter and the sweet – it’s truly a journal that grows with me as I adventure and grow through life, with a slant towards God, goodness, positivity and along that line.

Because of that, I think and feel that it’s very hard to “streamline” and categorize a standardized focus here in (or maybe I’m just inexperienced), but I won’t let this stop me…of course not.

Since is part of me, grows with me – this allows me to write as I grow, and right now, offhand, I’ve listed all the categories that I’m interested in, which revolves around a few themes and frameworks

  1. God and all His works, blessings, plans, hopes, salvation
  2. Goodness from God and all of Him
  3. Good Success Habits, Mindsets, Psychology
    • including The Passive Income Lifestyle and my pursuit of passive income machines and businesses
  4. Good Success Adventures (where I apply the three above to life, business and personal experiences)
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Godly Good Success Only

The first 3 are the important things that I hold on to and look forward to, because I believe, not all success are made equal.

  1. There are good success (where one or more aims to do good and succeed in a good manner)
  2. there are bad success (where one or more aims to succeed at whatever cost possible, and blackhat practices such as lying, fraud, manipulation etc no rules)
  3. good Godly success (where we do #1 but with focus and guidance from biblical principles and Godly wisdom and blessing)

and I am aiming to be aligned and as close to good Godly success as possible. No compromise or no blackhat methods, which I’ve experienced personally and even corporately where

  • people can lie to get what they want
  • people can cheat to get what you have
  • and more

That isn’t my way of life, and it will never be. I do not align with such individuals, organizations who does these practices or thinking, and if you find yourself in such organizations of people, I do recommend you leave them…because it may not affect you yet, but I assure you it’s just a matter of time.

Remember, you are the average of 5 people you hang out most with, actively or passively.


The Passive Income Lifestyle

is a very important aspect of life, as I mentioned previously that passive income is an utmost necessity not just to survive, but to also level up to the next level. It is very hard to focus on living the best versions of our selves, or to do the best work in the world, or to live our lives for Christ when we are barely surviving and have to live paycheck-to-paycheck.


This is the reason why I still focus on passive income and passive income machines till today. This hadn’t changed, since 2005.


Come, Observe, Learn and Grow With Me

I dont take the stance of a guru, and I dont think I will. Sometimes, it’s just that I’ve learnt a little more than you. Sometimes I’ve learnt a lot more lessons along the way. Sometimes you have learnt more than me (and for this reason, I do not disable comments, because I too want to hear from you).

Here in, I will keep adventuring a very specific way of growing ala Godly Good Success and will do my best to keep writing all these thoughts, experiences and lessons / wisdoms.

I invite you to observe, learn and grow with me.


Where To Next?

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