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I signed up for a premium course of Amazon Kindle Book Writing course that’d happen over this weekend 1st and 2nd of December 2018, and I am looking forward to it.

So some of you know that I’ve published a couple of philosophy Amazon Kindle books (see my dedicated site WisdomOfSeneca.com) which was my earlier foray into Amazon publishing. I do have my publications selling without any marketing on my part, and even with a niche topic with lots of other publishers.


#1 Short-termed Projects

First of all, I think I know my limitations and strengths. I don’t think I’m able to commit to any long term projects, so being able to work on project-by-project (book-by-book) seems doable to me. The trainer said that he also guided his 60-year-old mother how to do it as well, and she could launch two Amazon Kindle books in 10 hours.

Assuming it’s conservatively 10 hours per book launch, which can be outsourced, I think I can manage 10 hours in a week (this is purely on outsourced topic research, content creation, cover creation, editorial works) and separate book marketing which if it’s 4-8 hours a week, that’s a much more workable approach.

#2 Passive Income & Less Hassle

Ah, that’s what I’m all about isn’t it? So not only each books are short-termed to create, but:

  • 24/7 on Amazon which has millions of buyers/readers
  • Customer service handled by Amazon
  • 70% royalty payable to me (net profit) by Amazon
  • Royalties currently are tax-free for me
  • No need website

So every single book I assume will behave like little revenue-generating centers (intellectual properties and royalties payable to me on automation)

#3 Upgrading and Learning New Skills

So I have published some public domain works on Amazon before, and that’s a fair start, but what I don’t know/don’t have skills or experience in yet is

  • what are the better selling categories/topics (more than 4000+ categories out there) that is more ever-green or buyable
  • how to outsource Amazon book writing, design and editing entirely
  • how to market my Amazon books, which I’ve never done before


So assuming I can understand the course what I want to learn to do (ie being a publisher on Amazon), I aim to:

  • outsource book writing, cover design and editorial works
  • launch 1 book a week + self market (or outsourced marketing)

Target: SGD 1000/month by June 2019 (mid-long term is SGD 10K/month).

So maybe once I test and get more results, say +SGD10-50/month per book, I’ll try to ramp it up to 2-3 books launch per week, but of course, need to test/experiment to see which is more important, rate of book launch versus more marketing or both etc.

I hope that can be achieved – keep you posted!

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