Amazon Associates (Affiliate Program) Slicing Their Commissions…Again.

I hadn’t said this yet, but I’m scaling back a little on my affiliate work over the last couple of weeks and even months.

I’m a little tired of them, that’s why I hadn’t been paying attention to them, until today where I’ve been hearing on how Amazon Associates (it’s Amazon’s Affiliate Program) is slicing their commissions by up to 80%.

Yep, they’re just telling affiliates that they don’t need them.

In a sense, that’s true, because of the way Amazon business is structured and built – it’s big enough and with many diverse moving parts that they can afford to not care about affiliates anymore (ugh, this reminded me of some corrupt groups that I’ve had the blessing to come across…where they don’t care and just do what they feel or want to do).

If anything, this is something that I’ve felt for some thing, where affiliates can be at the mercy of the owners of affiliate programs (then again, that’s why smart affiliate marketers and agency will diversify their income sources beyond just a couple of affiliate programs, and even then one can diversify beyond different industries other than the common retail such as Amazon).

If you’re an affiliate marketer, be it beginner or not, remember to keep testing your income streams and keep adding new ones to your portfolio, not only to hedge yourself against a stream from drying out, but to test to see if there are better and better solutions for your readers and clients =)

That is always been the “proper” way to entrepreneurship – doing diligent ongoing research and development, to develop and provide better and higher value product and services to your clients.

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