6 Skills For Successful Startup Founders

6 Skills For Successful Startup Founders will help maximize your startup chances of success, and frankly, will also be required for all small, medium and large businesses to thrive.

1) Technical / Core Skill(s)

  • technical skill is the core of the deliverables that your start up want to provide and generate revenue from, be it baking, physical therapy, coding, platforms, massage etc
  • to learn go to school or apprentice

2) Hard Product & Systems Processes building, maintaining and refining

  • this is about the business itself per se, knowing what and how to build the business system
  • online can be a platforms like Amazon, search engines like Google etc
  • offline can be physical therapy clinics, bakeries, cafes, massage places
  • about knowing what to build
  • continually upgrade the system
  • build and do part time

3) Design

  • visual, taste & user experience
  • visual is how it looks
  • taste is the quality and how it communicates
  • user experience is how well or easy it is for your clients to use or purchase your stuff

4) Sales and Marketing

  • underrated and sometimes looked down upon skill BUT highly highly invaluable core skill, but need to bear ethical and value-add perspective
  • be able to get the attention of people
  • communicate, convey and convert them

5) Finance

  • metrics to know if your business is actually working…growing…or dying
  • you need to know how to read profit and loss statements, balance sheet statements
  • helps you make decisions to build or grow

6) Leadership & Management

  • most important because the higher your leadership ability, the more you’d be able to attract and retain high quality team mates
  • how to lead and get people to do things
  • leading from empathy is more important
  • build trust so that they need to be able to have crucial conversations in a very constructive yet impactful
  • learn: take on projects that require coordination with multiple people and with numbers involved eg can we do X to improve Y revenue?

Most of the time, you can likely do well in just 1-3 at most (2 is more normal), and generally know the rest which needs to be supported by hiring or recruiting other team members

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