6 Easy Ways To Compound CRO (cronos) and Upgrade Your Crypto.com Card Faster

I have been a cronos (CRO) hodler since 2019, and have been stacking and compounding them since then. I am bullish on them with their app, exchange and marketing; but do your own research.

Here are six (6) easy ways to compound your cronos coin to upgrade your crypto.com card faster.

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1) Crypto.com CRO stake

You can get 2-6% per annum for putting your CRO into crypto.com earn; 2% for flexible term, 4% for 1 month lock in and 6% for 3 month lock in (all % are per annum and payable weekly).

There is a minimum amount of 500 CRO required each time you add to this stake.

2) Crypto.com Exchange Staking 10% per annum

This one requires a minimum of 5000 CRO and 180 days to enjoy the 10% per annum returns, payable on a daily basis.

Minimum top up is 1000 CRO each time and each top up will renew the 180-days term.

3) Crypto Stake* (card with tiered stake returns)

From here on, all the rewards are directly correlated to the level of card you have.

Generally, the higher the tier (highest tier is obsidian, then icy white / rose gold, then indigo / jade, then ruby and lastly midnight blue). The higher the tiers, the more CRO is required to lock in.

Icy white, rose gold and obsidian gets a 12% per annum return on CRO staked amounts, paid weekly. Indigo and jade are 10% per annum.

4) Crypto.com Card use + CRO cashback

  • Obsidian cashback 8% CRO cashback
  • Icy white / rose gold 5% CRO cashback
  • Jade / Indigo 3% CRO cashback
  • Ruby 2% CRO cashback
  • Midnight blue 1% CRO cashback

5) Crypto.com Bonus 2% Earn for selected Crypto Earn 3-month staking for obsidian, rose gold and icy white only

For all icy white, rose gold and obsidian tiers, whenever you set a 3-month term on Crypto.com earn, you will get bonus 2% paid out in CRO coins too, which is a nice cream on top of the cake.

6) Crypto.com Card CRO cashback

For selected items like Netflix, AirBNB etc (10% for AirBNB and Expedia; up to 100% for spotify/netflix/amazon prime).

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