4th Death Anniversary Of Papa (Daniel Chua Oon Hian)

daniel chua oon hian

Papa, can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since you left us – time really flies.

You passed away when you were 59…so that’d make you 63 this year if you are still with us.

Guess what?

I’ve 2 little kiddos now – Olivia (3 years+) and David (1 year+). I love them both to bits, and methinks if you’re still around, you’d dote the heck out of them too, and spoil them to bits.

Ah, papa.

I do wish you’re still around.

I miss you.

I’ve lots of stuff to share with you and tell you, but since you’re in heaven looking at us, and I recall the bible saying once you get to heaven, “one shall know all things” – maybe you do know everything already.

But all I’m saying is I miss you, and I’ll see you when I do.

I love you.

20200810 Updated to add: For those who still have a father who is alive, do take the time to reach out and reconnect and spend time with them; of if you had drifted apart, if it’s still able to, reconcile whilst there is still time. We only have one earthly father (and don’t forget our mothers) – let’s do our best.

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