40 Ways To Save Water

Two months ago, Louise and myself has a scare in our water bill – it increased about 300% spike in the month of March, and we didn’t know the cause…except for the fact that we didn’t use more water that month. After some research, we found the culprit – our toilet bowl leaked. Man. But that didn’t stop me into looking at ways we can save water at home.

1. Use the water that you used to rinse your rice to water your plant

2. Flush your toilet with water from the rinse cycle of your washing machine.

3. Disinfect your chopping board with one part vinegar, one part lemon juice and water…so you don’t have to wash it under running water.

4. Shave as you shower.

5. Monitor your water bill for spikes, which indicate leaks (which was what we did).

6. Change your toilet bowl to a dual flush one, so you can use half-flush.

7. Use your washing machine only if you have a full load.

8. Periodically check for leaks at sinks, basins and washing machines.

9. Choose fruits that needs to be peeled, not rinsed.

10. Used leftover boiled water to rinse vegetables.

11. As you rinse dishes, fill the sink with water and rinse soaped dishes in it.

12. Defrost food overnight in fridge rather than under running water.

13. Pre-soak pots and dishes – you don’t have to scrub so much and run it under running water.

14. Use water used for steaming foods to make a soup – there’s dissolved nutrients in there.

15. Get involved in water management issues. Voice concerns or at least listen.

16. Turn off the tap while you shave or brush your teeth.

17. Install thimbles on tap faucets to conserve water and reduce splashing.

18. Use a low-flow showerhead.

19. Water outdoor plants either early in the morning or in the late evenings to prevent evaporation (and water wastage)

20. Check for toilet bowl/tank leaks by introducing food coloring. If there’s a leak, color will appear in the toilet bowl within 20-30 minutes.

21. Dry mop instead of wet mopping.

22. Suggest to your company that water conservation be put into training programs.

23. Repair dripping faucets by replacing the washers within. One drop per second = 10200 liters per year (6000 bottles of water)

24. When you shower, turn the water on to get wet, turn it off as you lather your shampoo and soap, turn it back on to rinse the lather off.

25. Replace or adjust a toilet handle that causes the flush to “always” be flushing.

26. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily – only when used or soiled.

27. Conserve water because it’s good to do so. Don’t waste water just because someone else is footing the bill e.g. when you’re staying at a family member or friend’s place, or at a hotel.

28. Stop the kids from playing in the shower – teach them the significance and importance of saving water.

29. Don’t let the water run whilst you are waiting for the water to heat up/cool down.

30. When you empty your fish tank, use the water to water your plants.

31. Join a green movement and website.

32. Use as much water as you need only.

33. When you use a water heater, use the water that is warming up for other cleaning purposes.

34. Practice voluntary water rationing once a month.

35. Minimize splashing by turning on taps only halfway.

36. Read up on water-saving practices.

37. Use the toilet’s half-flush for liquid wastes.

38. Fill a plastic container partially with pebbles, sand or gravel, and lower the container slowly into the toilet cistern – this will help you to save water with every flush you make.

39. Turn off the main water supply before going abroad.

40. Use the ecological-friendly (eco-friendly) settings on your washing machine – it’s there for a reason. =)

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