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Hello everyone! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy =) I shared in an earlier post that I’ve started my YouTube channel are are doing videos, and I’m really enjoying myself doing videos with so many interesting things that I’m learning and applying. To view my videos, you can either go To the Videos … Read more

Happy 56th Birthday / National Day Singapore

Happy 56th birthday and national day Singapore!

I’m so happy, proud and blessed to be in and with Singapore, with so many memories here, and I expect more growth and progress to come.

I pray and wish that as we progress and prosper as a nation and individuals, let our inner world too, prosper, becoming increasingly kind, generous, patient, Godly and more to each other. I also hope for continued unity across the multi-racial and multi-faith nation, and have lots of good feelings and wishes for Singapore as a whole.

Happy 56th Birthday / National Day Singapore!