You Need Passive Income To Become Time Free…To…

If you want to achieve financial security and freedom, then it is time to start building your passive income streams. There is just no way around this – the only way you will reach your full potential with money is by learning how to generate more of it without actually working for it. I am … Read more

My #1 Recommendation For You To Start Building Your Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle

…is an online business. And I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate (they have a free membership version to let you test and get your feet wet as well as basic training for the free membership). When you’re ready, it’s “just $299” per year for all the full membership training and hosting etc, as well as domain … Read more

Merchant Token (MTO) Initial Coin Offering

Merchant Token (MTO) ICO | DEFI | POS 🔥🚀 Will be Listed on Uniswap for $1.20 in 12 July!! 🦄️💎 First big partnership will be announced soon Disclaimer: This has my affiliate link (I bought it and am vested). Also, do read and research, read the whitepaper and do not invest more than what you … Read more

Great Pretenders

Remember the great hit song, “ The Greatest pretender?” After so many years (as of 2021, I am 39 years old), I finally understood a portion of what this means – it points to people who don’t know themselves and they pretend that are someone else in order for them not be judged or feel … Read more

Meme Token ElonGate Launches: Where To Buy On Pancake Swap

Not sure if you’d heard of ElonGate Token, but it’s a meme that’s born out of Elon Musk’s famous tweet: “If there’s a scandal about me, please call it ElonGate” Lol – it’s actually hilarious and totally a meme, but it’s fun (like how I bought some Dogecoin a while back just for fun too) … Read more