Writing Experiment: Going To Write More Often

I’m starting an experiment to write more often.

Earlier in my writing, I would write based on what I experienced be it at work or life, and share some ideas. Later, I read that I need to have an editorial schedule where I will have a list of topics that I would like to cover and then have them pre-written and published at set dates, but that doesn’t work so far; it seems that writing on a as-when basis is better for me.

So I will do just that.

Ideally I will want to write and publish posts 3-4 times a week if not more, and the goals are simple:

  • to hone my writing and written communication skills
  • to write and dive deeper to my craft
  • to start a writing habit
  • to stop the habit of “perfectionism” and to start a new one called “progression”

Cryptocurrency Boom Town 2021?

Today at this point in time, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is USD$ 56,132.90, and it has been going up to upper tiers of USD$ 61K and having pullbacks to USD$ 50K+ over the last few weeks and months.

21 March 2021 Bitcoin Price
21 March 2021 Bitcoin Price

It seems to be testing the all time high (ATH).

There are lots of anticipation following buy-ins by larger companies such as Tesla and institutional investors (just google search institutional investors buying bitcoin), which leaves lesser and lesser number of actual available bitcoins to go around. This has two fold of results that drives bitcoin price up (and staying up):

  • signalling that big boys institutional investors are condoning / approving cryptocurrencies
  • stabilizing higher highers and higher lows because there is just less number of bitcoins being traded actively

These two factors make bitcoin even more desireable and stable.

I’m excited to see how far bitcoin and cryptocurrency will go. If you’re interested, it’s very easy now to invest / speculate into cryptocurrency – my #1 app is via Crypto.com App – everything is available via your mobile =)

Remember, cryptocurrency can fluctuate greatly, so put in only what you can afford to lose, dont day trade and dont sell your home for it.