Play The Good Long Game

Just met one of my close buddies and best friend, and we chanced across talking about a mutual associate whose antics over the previous weeks and months became more and more apparent to be self centered, negative and a little bitter. Perhaps, something happened to him but looking at the multiple opportunities that we had … Read more

Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020! Wow, 2020 really flew by quicker than I thought (then again, the years fly by so quickly for me nowayears haha). Happy holidays and have a blessed time! nigelchuaI’m the founder and writer here at; as well as serial entrepreneur, therapy business entrepreneur, digital entrepreneur, investor and also happy husband, father … Read more

I Don’t Mind Being Blocked

On WhatsApp or social media or anywhere, like where some of our self-misunderstand-things-so-called-“friends” who misunderstand, do not seek the truth and just block us and go around our social circle with scandalous lies and untruths. Who needs enemies when we have “friends” like this right? Hahaha! Oh well, I really don’t mind – I’d continue … Read more

Celebrating Leavers

This week one of our staff told us that she is thinking of resigning because of aspirational dreams and goals to earn more and do more, and she was a little sad, tearful and uncertain and also excited. Without stopping, I immediately congratulated her and told her that whenever someone wishes to leave us for … Read more

Do The Work

There are zero shortcuts to success, fulfillment and joy. We have to do the work. Yes, the hard, grinding, hustling and even repetitive monotonous work at times. Yes sometimes it’s boring. Yes, there can be some optimized and optimization “hacks” but we need to do the work consistently, refining with feedback and growing and finetuning … Read more

What’s Your Priority & Focus For 2021?

We’re nearing the end of the crazy crazy year of 2020, the year where COVID19 really disrupted the entire world’s operations: trade decreased significantly flights decreased significantly work-from-home became the new norm words like isolations, stay home notice, quarantine, safe distancing, mask wearing and safe distancing were buzzwords All in all, a crazy year. Oh … Read more