Why I Still Like The Passive Income Lifestyle

In 2005 I first chanced upon Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book at my classmate’s place during a group project, and it’s that book opened my eyes to:

  1. Assets put money into my pockets/bank account (conversely, liabilities take money from me)
  2. Positive cashflow investing (same meaning as passive income) is the difference between liabilities and assets
  3. If my monthly positive cash flow or passive income is more than my monthly living expenses, then I am financially secure and dont have to worry about money anymore

It is item #3 that is constantly on my mind, because I understand that once I achieved #3, I no longer have to worry about money, expenses etc, as long as I keep my expenses low.

Of course, any of my assets and investments need to be aligned to “good” and ideally God because I do not want to be associated with businesses or assets or people that are negative, evil, corrupted, exploitative etc (this matters to me).

And that’s why I’ve been reading, practicing, testing, applying it since, and documenting it as much as I can here.

With time, age, experience and fatherhood, I have added additional dimensions to life as well – not only is passive income is good to ensure my financial security…but it’s an utmost requirement to “unlock” the next stage of life.

The Rich Life.

I finally “get” what Robert said in the same book, that to first gain financial security, and THEN you can work to get rich – this may not be just limited to material possession and riches. And this is inline with what Ramit Sethi has been saying also, about the Rich Life.

David (3 Years Old) Asked Me For A Pet….Dragon

David: Papa

Me: Yes?

David: I want a pet

Me: We have pet terrapin and Danio fishes –

David: I want a pet dragon!

Me: I don’t think so, I don’t know…

David: Yes, I want a pet dragon

Hahaha – these kids are so natural, so raw, and so simple – I’ve always knew that I want to be a father and a parent at some time in my life, and now that these kiddos are in my life, I love it.

Hmm, maybe more?

One of the most important things a parent must do, is to pay attention and listen to their kids. Not just follow blindly, but engage, participate, discuss, teach and guide. Active, loving, positive and anchored parenting is one of the most noble mid-to-long term decisions to do.





Think-Do-Refine-Refined Doing Productivity

I think the real reason why this blog (and probably my other projects) are often stalled is because I’m thinking to think all aspects of the project, how each different parts interact with each other, and how it should be linked and done etc.

Ah, that sounds familiar – I was being perfectionistic. Aiming, aiming, aiming but never fire – just too busy thinking, planning and aiming.

I mean, to do things without thinking is another form of hell, but to think-aim-plan-but-never-do is also another form of unproductive hell, and obviously it’s wasted much of my time and stalled several projects. Oh well, now that I’ve some insight and awareness into that, I will instead tweak my approach to think-do-get data-refine-refined doing-get data-refine etc – which makes much more sense.

Every stage needs to have a set time eg

  1. Think x 1 block of time
  2. Do x 2 blocks of time
  3. Get Data + Think + Refine x 1 block of time
  4. Refined doing x 2 blocks of time
  5. Repeat #3 and #4

And that seems to be it for now – will apply this to the few core projects that I have (and in future).

Write And Publish First, Organize Later

I chanced across this concept as I read Jon Dyxstra’s blog, where he started a new product review blog, but he keep writing first without adding any tags or categories, simply because he wants to see how the site grows and develops first.

I like that idea.

I believe the major reason why this blog (NigelChua.com) isn’t growing as fast isn’t just because I’m busy with a few businesses to juggle such as

  • Phoenix Rehab Group, our specialist physiotherapy and hand therapy practice in Singapore
  • KDP romance and self help books (in development)
  • other niche affiliate sites and projects

…is that I have been wanting to think the entire project first before I take consistent action, such as writing here for myself and my readers. It’s not that I don’t have topics to write about, I do have quite a bit, just that I was thinking if I should sort/think out the categories first so that the topics can fall within the categories I prepare, but that was an error I believe.

As I am more intuitive and exploratory curious in nature, I will do it the other way around: take an intuitive semi-structured approach to writing NigelChua.com and then take a look to create/refine the categories here on this site.

Let’s see how that goes.

We don’t have to have the entire map and structure mapped out first before we make our move – we can make our move first and then refine as we go along.