Heck It, I’m Gonna Write BOTH

Both refers to: Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship I added the word “Freedom” in, which to me, refers moreso to the flexibility, freedom and options associated with surplus of passive income, and it’s one of the core focus I have, which is to build a lifestyle … Read more

Singaporeans Show Low Level Of Enthusiasm At Work

There was this article that I chanced across at: https://sbr.com.sg/hr-education/news/singaporeans-show-low-level-enthusiasm-work which shared that: The city fell behind India, Thailand and Hong Kong in terms of employee engagement. Singapore falls behind globally in terms of employee engagement or their level of enthusiasm with their jobs, scoring only 47% or below the worldwide average of 53%, according … Read more